Young Professional Outreach Committee

Are you interested in international issues and global affairs? Do you want to stay involved as a young professional and desire to make a difference? Do you believe global change can take place locally?

The Young Professional Outreach Committee (YPOC) of Global Solutions Pittsburgh is a group of some of the most active and driven young professionals in the city of Pittsburgh, with a dedication to our mission of international education in Pittsburgh. Being a member of the YPOC offers meaningful volunteer opportunities that make a difference. You’re not a potential donor or unskilled labor; you are a well-connected, talented young professional. You are a partner with us in our goal of educating western Pennsylvania about international issues and we can help you make a difference.

What can you do to support Global Solutions Pittsburgh and work with us to accomplish our goals?

  • Event planning and promotion
  • Public Program creation
  • Fundraising
  • Networking and marketing
  • Volunteer opportunities & management
  • Public Relations

What you get back from being a part of the committee:

  • Meet other young professionals
  • Network with nonprofit community leaders and employers
  • Learn about international issues
  • Experience in marketing, event planning, fundraising, etc.
  • Learn how to effectively serve on a committee or board
  • Learn how to be an involved community leader

If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved with the YPOC, please email Tim Lessick, or call 412-471-7852.