Pittsburgh Human Rights Network

The Pittsburgh Human Rights Network (PHRN) was a community education project that sought to build support for human rights by raising awareness of global human rights issues, encouraging involvement, facilitating collaboration within the region. We work to encourage people to get informed, connected, and involved in their world. The network was developed by Global Solutions Pittsburgh in May of 2009.

The PHRN existed in order to bring international human rights issues into the public conversation in Pittsburgh – putting these issues in the heart of the discussion between students, professionals and the community at large. The PHRN was designed to enable individuals, university student groups, professional organizations, faith-based groups and community-focused organizations in the Pittsburgh area to easily communicate and coordinate with one another, so as to more effectively promote international human rights.

Protecting human rights is no easy task; it requires multiple different types of people working towards this goal in order to have any hope of achieving it. The goal of the PHRN was to become the hub for all human rights activity in the city, facilitating cooperation and discourse in order to make international human rights something that everyone in Pittsburgh cares about and works for.


“Getting Involved, with John Prendergast”

Why should you get involved in human rights in Pittsburgh? See what John Prendergast from the Enough Project has to say about that.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding the Pittsburgh Human Rights Network, please feel free to contact Tim Lessick, Manager of Public Programs at Global Solutions Pittsburgh.