Student Ambassador Program

What is the Student Ambassador Program?
The Student Ambassador Program is a comprehensive global education program for middle schools in the Pittsburgh region. Established by the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh in 2006, the Student Ambassador Program will be offered as a partnership program involving the University of Pittsburgh’s Global Studies Center as well as Global Solutions Pittsburgh since the 2011-2012 school year.

This program is for middle school students and their teachers. The program menu consists of an International Speaker school visit school and an optional visit on Cultural Competency, as well as the culminating Student Ambassador Conference for student leaders. Participating schools are provided with an extensive resource guide and support throughout the program.

Following the program, students complete projects to share their newfound global knowledge.

Who Participates in this Program?
Over 2,000 students from Pittsburgh and surrounding areas participated in the program last year. Social studies, gifted, world language, English, and art teachers alike can find their curricula enhanced through involvement in this program. All students, particularly those who do not usually have the opportunity to experience global cultures, will benefit from participation. Space is limited to 30 schools for the 2013-2014 school year.

How much does the Program Cost?
The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, the University of Pittsburgh’s Global Studies Center, and Global Solutions Pittsburgh believe global education is essential for all students. Therefore, this program is offered free of charge for middle schoolers and teachers in the Pittsburgh region. Schools will need to cover transportation to and from the Conference.

When is the Program?
The Student Ambassador Program runs throughout the academic year. Cultural Competency visits will start in October, and International Speaker visits will run October through late April. Visits can be arranged around busy school and testing schedules.

The Program culminates in the Student Ambassador Conference on May 2, 2014 on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Participating schools will have the option to tour the Nationality Rooms following the Conference.

How do you register?
Easy! To register your students for the 2013-14 Student Ambassador Program or Conference, just click here to complete the online registration form.

For more information of the Student Ambassador Program, please visit the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh’s website, or contact Laura Amster for more details.